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Curing the Cancer “Bug” one line of Code at a Time

Sep 29 2016

Microsoft is known for its powerful software, and behind every great piece of software is the hive-mind of developers enhancing and solving problems. Recently Microsoft has taken its approach to fixing software into the living body by using two computer science basic approaches to attempt to solve the cancer “bug.” This two-step approach consists of the biological process, and the data behind the analysis.

A Tutorial In Visual Studio, Unity, and Git

After working with TFS source control and Visual Studio on Unity projects, by myself or with one team member, I appreciate the features and easy integration of TFS and Unity. However, I found branching and merging wasn't intuitive. Also, I tended not to rely on the Visual Studio Online tools, and would rather not have the tools than have them and ignore them. I decided to try Git source control with Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition and Unity 5 Personal Edition. Git, initially, could not commit while Unity was open, and wouldn't ignore any file in the local repository. The following are the steps I used to make the three tools work together. First I created a Git repository online, "HelloUnityRepo". Next step was creating a new Unity 5 project, "HelloUnity", with the Visual Studio 2013 Tools Assets Package included. In HelloUnity's project settings, Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor, I switched Version Control Mode to Visibile Meta Files. Ignoring these Unity meta fi ...