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SXSW brings the latest technology to Austin

Aug 03 2016

SXSW in Austin, Texas, has become a beacon for the latest technology.
SXSW in Austin, Texas, has become a beacon for the latest technology.
For several industries, one of the biggest events of the year is the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival. Launched in 1987 and currently happening in Austin, Texas, the event started as a music festival that added film and "multimedia" later renamed "interactive" in 1994. While the music and film portions are self explanatory, the interactive portion has a deep impact on the business community.

Much like the Consumer Electronic Show that is held in Las Vegas every year, the interactive festival has a focus on the latest technology. It has gained a reputation over the last 20 years as being a breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies. There are trade shows, speakers, parties and the event has been called the "biggest of its kind in the world" by organizer Louis Black.

This year is no different as many organizations are displaying their latest gadgets and services. Mobile was well represented.

Apple's iBeacon has been deployed for the SXSW app. This allows visitors to the festival who have downloaded the application to receive notifications from the multiple iBeacon receivers that have been setup. For example, walking past the registration area will prompt a notification of their registration QuickCode.

Google also announced plans for a free Andriod-based tool for wearable technology that will help accelerate the delivery of smart watches and similar devices to the market within the next 12 months.

These are just a few small examples of what is being unveiled at this year's festival. If the 2014 SXSW festival has inspired your business to venture into the mobile world, connecting with an app developer in Austin can be a valuable first step.