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Crop Data Tracker Mobile

Crop Data Tracker

Easy management of Pesticide Application in Texas

Smartwebs mobile


Cross-platform implementation of existing native apps

Learn Spanish Mobile


Soporte de aplicaciones iOS existentes

ParentPoint Web


Co-Parenting software for effective communication

Project Management Web

studioSIX5 TIM

Custom Project management software for Design firm

Project Management Web

Scalable solutions for the future

Digital Picture Frame


Digital displays made simple

Camera App

xCapture Pro

Custom camera application for a rugged world.

Camera App Windows


Making 3rd party design a reality

Camera App Windows

Fast Lease

Making leasing fast and easy

Mobile App Android/IOS

Club 50

Get great deals on restaurants

Mobile App Android/IOS

Wait Now

Get waiting times on restaurants

Mobile App Android/IOS

Rodeo Mavrix

Picture sharing APP for Rodeos Yeehaw!

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Cutting edge technology doesn't have to be so complicated. CollectivePoint is committed to Keeping Software Simple!


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Our team of experienced professionals use proven practices to define, develop and deliver quality software to our clients. CollectivePoint can help identify and solve your most complicated business problems. We speak plainly and simply because we understand you want real results, not overly complex, over-promising, under-delivering presentations aimed at just winning your business. Because we love technology, we will always be scanning the IT horizons and getting excited over new technologies, and will want to inform you of all the options out there. “Newest” doesn’t necessarily mean “best” for your business, but we will educate our clients on the options and make recommendations accordingly.

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30 Jul


A Tutorial In Visual Studio, Unity, and Git

After working with TFS source control and Visual Studio on Unity projects, by myself or with one team member, I appreciate...

09 Apr


Is wearable technology the next mobile development landscape?

When it comes to wearable technology, there has yet to be a game changing application that makes it must have hardware.

29 Sep


Curing the Cancer “Bug” one line of Code at a Time

Microsoft is known for its powerful software, and behind every great piece of software is the hive-mind of developers enhancing and solving problems.

12 Jun


Common missteps to avoid in business application development

When it comes to creating a business application, the fact remains that creating a perfect one is challenging.

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