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Kickstarter campaign launched for ParentPoint co-parenting application

Aug 03 2016

Our new app is intended to reduce the stress of co-parenting by taking the tension out of communication and scheduling.
Our new app is intended to reduce the stress of co-parenting by taking the tension out of communication and scheduling.
Multi-household parenting situations have become more common than ever before. As anyone who has lived in one can tell you, keeping schedules and information straight between two parents who don't live together is a challenge. To make life easier for families in this situation, CollectivePoint is developing a new application called "ParentPoint." As a way to secure the funding we need to complete the project, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

ParentPoint is designed to help multi-house families better manage scheduling communication and collaboration between parents after a divorce where kids are involved. Co-parents need a way to effectively communicate with each other, while minimizing stress and conflict.

The application will offer sophisticated scheduling wizards and customizable message templates to simplify time-consuming tasks and help eliminate tension from communication. With ParentPoint, co-parents will be able to create, send and respond to messages from their computers or mobile devices quickly and effortlessly. While there are existing tools that could be used in similar ways like online calendars, they fall short in many ways.

"After divorce, it can become very difficult to communicate with a co-parent for many reasons. In extreme cases, contentious co-parents have little or no contact with each other, which is not in the child's best interest, especially in joint custody arrangements," CollectivePoint's Lisa Allen explains. " ParentPoint was designed to help contentious co-parents of separate households communicate quickly and objectively to ensure that both households get all the information necessary to minimize stress on the affected children, and keep both parents engaged in the co-parenting process."

The Kickstarter campaign, which can be visited here, will run for 60 days starting in March, with a goal of raising $75,000. If successful, a fully functional and cloud-based service will be completed no later than October 2014. The application will be released straight to market once completed.