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The tough truth about mobile application development

Aug 03 2016

Software development is a much more complicated process than most realize.
Software development is a much more complicated process than most realize.
For those who do not understand the process of creating a mobile application, it is easy to believe that it is relatively simple. Know what you want the program to do and make it happen. However there are a number of challenges and putting all the small pieces in place can make this process increasingly difficult.

A recent article from ITworld examined some of the factors that make the creation of a great mobile application so complicated. First off, there is the problem of mobile device inconsistency. This doesn't mean performance, but rather the fact that there is no standard when it comes to smartphone aspect ratio or tablet screen size, for example. On top of that, the landscape is constantly changing. It seems that every year Apple releases an entirely new iPhone and iPad lineup which means the sensors and sizes that were part of the plan are now obsolete.

Along the same lines, problems can also arise when considering the operating system. Over the last few months, Apple released completely revamped mobile operating system iOS 7, which has since been updated several times. Each of these updates could feature something that will mess with the application and force the developers to redesign. However, creators need to make sure the app is also compatible with older versions of the operating system that users may still be using.

Making matters worse, developers also need to consider the fact that mobile devices are "free wheeling through space." This means there are a number of things like limited local storage space, battery life and spotty connections that need to be taken into account during the design process. Failing to account for any one of these can make the application not work up to par.

"Great mobile apps look effortless," the article reads. "You hardly even think about how you're using them when they're done at the highest level. They're like an extension of you. This leads people to believe that every app should be that way, or at least their app that they hired a developer for should be. And they're right."

When users cite features and designs for popular mobile applications like Twitter that they want to incorporate into their own creations, it is important to know that these companies were not developing with a shoestring budget.

With the help of an experienced mobile application development firm, any company looking to create a mobile application can rest easy knowing the provider is able to handle these challenges.