More From Todd Allen, founder of CollectivePoint.

CollectivePoint Todd AllenFor our Clients:
The Simplest solutions are often the best! CollectivePoint pledges to help our clients achieve their business goals without up-selling, over-building, or over-complicating the answers.  We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients and the ability of our software to solve the business objectives. Seriously, why over-complicate things?


For our Employees:
To be the best of the best means we stay on top of the industry trends and technological advances.  At ColletivePoint, we strive to invest in our employees’ ongoing professional development to keep them at the very top of their profession.  We view this as a “win-win-win” since our clients benefit from the expertise of the best talent in the industry, our employees are rewarded for continuing to hone their skills, and CollectivePoint gets the privilege of investing in the ongoing professional development of our greatest resource… our employees.

For our Community:
CollectivePoint recognizes that not all rewards are financial. As a proud member of the Austin community, CollectivePoint looks for ways to give back to our awesome city.  Watch for us out and about, working alongside of you to help make Austin even more awesome! (That is, if Austin  being more awesome is even possible).