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A Tutorial In Visual Studio, Unity, and Git

After working with TFS source control and Visual Studio on Unity projects, by myself or with one team member, I appreciate the features and easy integration of TFS and Unity. However, I found branching and merging wasn't intuitive. Also, I tended not to rely on the Visual Studio Online tools, and would rather not have the tools than have them and ignore them. I decided to try Git source control with Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition and Unity 5 Personal Edition. Git, initially, could not commit while Unity was open, and wouldn't ignore any file in the local repository. The following are the steps I used to make the three tools work together. First I created a Git repository online, "HelloUnityRepo". Next step was creating a new Unity 5 project, "HelloUnity", with the Visual Studio 2013 Tools Assets Package included. In HelloUnity's project settings, Edit -> Project Settings -> Editor, I switched Version Control Mode to Visibile Meta Files. Ignoring these Unity meta fi ...