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Program initiates women into app development on International Women's Day

Aug 03 2016

A special program was designed to introduce women to mobile application development.
A special program was designed to introduce women to mobile application development.
Last week, the Google Doodle featured a tribute for International Women's Day. Over 100 individuals from around the world shared their stories during the course of the video. It helped highlight the underrepresentation of women in nearly all fields including technology, business and politics.

This was far from the only way that organizations showed support for women on the day. The Startup Village initiative in India took this opportunity to invite 40 female students to take part in a workshop that introduced them to mobile app development, with the goal of helping them jumpstart a career in it.

According to an article from the Mobile Commerce News, the participants were members of several engineering and arts colleges. One student described it as a "powerful opportunity" to learn about the fundamental concepts of application creation. She also said it was meaningful for it to happen on International Women's Day.

"The workshop opened by providing the young women with a basic introduction to online and mobile technology, before the students were divided into groups of a handful of people, each," the article reads. "These groups were each provided with a training lesson on porting, specifically in the transformation of apps that have been designed for devices using the Android operating system into an application that will run on a Blackberry smartphone."

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