Our Tools

Like a carpenter depends on their tools to create masterpieces with wood, software developers must utilize good tools of the trade to be successful.

CollectivePoint's approach is to utilize tools and techniques that build software more efficiently. By using leading edge tools, we can create more maintainable and effective software.

Integrated Development Environments - CollectivePoint uses modern IDE's like Visual Studio 2012, Eclipse with relevant plug-ins.  As custom software evolves it's important to manage the code and files well, so that debugging and testing can be carried out smoothly.

Relational and Document Database - Relation database like SQL Server and MySQL are good at organizing the data for database applications into tables that represent logical entities of the software system.  Using a relational database ensure data integrity and scalability.  In some cases, we might chose to use a new technique called a document database like RavenDB or CouchDB.

Code - Our preferred choice of coding language is C# with anything Microsoft (WPF, WCF, ASP.NET) but we've also used things like PHP, C++, AS3. As the software industry matures, the programming languages change so we pride ourselves on picking up the new languages and features.

Presentation - As the devices used to access our software grows (web, mobile, social), we believe in architecting solutions that scale to current and new devices using WebAPI and other common internet technologies.  By architecting software as an API, we can allow existing and new "front-ends" to use our services in a more self describable way.