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What is the best mobile application development strategy for your company?

Aug 03 2016

Businesses must determine what development approach is best for their needs.
Businesses must determine what development approach is best for their needs.
There are several issues to consider prior to launching a mobile application development project. Most importantly, businesses have to decide which approach they want to take.

There are two primary ways companies can go about their mobile development strategy: by creating native applications or through Web-based app development.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Native applications, for example, typically perform better than their Web-based counterparts. They are designed specifically for a particular device and platform, so they are optimized for this environment. They are, however, only designed for one device, so creating an app to run on different gadgets or mobile operating systems requires extensive development, which is time-consuming and often costly.

Web-based apps are designed to run on a browser, which means they can function on a variety of different mobile platforms or devices with Web functionality. However, because of their universal nature, they are not optimized for one specific platform.

Gartner analyst Kirk Knoernschild recently spoke with the online publication Enterprise Apps Today about the differences between the two. His primary assertion was that there is a proper environment for native and Web-based applications, and that the enterprise is more appropriately suited for the latter.

"There's no question that developers of consumer apps prefer to use the native development tools," he said. "But in enterprise developer teams there is quite a demand for these sorts of cross-platform development frameworks. Organizations don't want the cost of developing for both platforms, so in many cases they are evaluating or have chosen one of these tools."

Custom application development requires an understanding of an organization's needs. Businesses must determine how they will use their applications before beginning a development project. Once this is understood, working with a development team can help create the best possible solutions.