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Web application development allows you to help customers digitally during off hours

Aug 03 2016

It's important to have the Web tools that can service your customers when you aren't in the office.
Servicing your customers is not something you can only think about during normal business hours. While your office doors might only be open between nine to five on Monday through Friday, if you manufacture a product or offer a consumer service, you have to understand that your customers are going to have service needs that extend long past your hours of operation.

Let's suppose you manufacture a consumer product that an individual buys at a retail store on a Friday evening. There's something defective about the product that's not necessarily related to the retailer selling the item. Your customer is not pleased with this development and they wish to let you know about it. But it's past your business hours and you're going home for the weekend. Is your customer going to have to wait until Monday morning for a resolution?

That may have been necessary in the old days, but in the modern age of websites and social media, your customers have access to your organization 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, the internet is increasingly interactive as the Web 2.0 era has opened up channels for users to not just receive content from brands but to produce their own. Allowing a customer service issue to linger over the weekend may mean you will receive a flood of angry calls on Monday morning, when the issue could have been resolved immediately with the right digital tools.

Fortunately, businesses are learning this and are starting to turn things around. Although expectations are still set around the understanding that normal business hours exist, companies can enhance their digital presence and alleviate customer service issues during off times. Working with a custom software developer allows you to develop the backend processes needed to create an environment that facilitates customer service around the clock.

This ultimately allows you to stay competitive with organizations with more flexible hours while showing your customers you care.