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Are mobile applications a 'rite of passage' for enterprises

Aug 03 2016

Are mobile apps a rite of passage in today
Are mobile apps a rite of passage in today's business world.
With every new technology that hits the market, there is a bandwagon period, where many companies are quick to jump on board and try out the system or service just to say they are an early adopter. If the technology becomes a hit, these organizations are ahead of the game, even if it means they have to deal with more of the growing pains.

A recent article from Search Security by Secure Ideas CEO Kevin Johnson, makes the case that creating a mobile application has moved beyond a bandwagon and is now considered a "rite of passage" for enterprise development teams.

The problem with this, according to Johnson, is that the actual process of developing a mobile application has become increasingly complicated and jumping on the bandwagon involves facing the reality of deciding which platform to create for and handling all aspects of the system that are required for proper security and device management.

While the fundamental ideas and security concerns are universal whether you are creating for an Android, iPhone or web-based applications, having it is as a high priority becomes a challenge when you start factoring cross-platform development. However, this should not be a reason for businesses to avoid mobile development.

"Mobile applications are popular today and heightened security issues shouldn't prevent enterprise adoption," Johnson wrote. "If an organization thinks through its development and security testing plans, and developers build mobile applications that meet identifiable business needs, the benefits often outweigh the concerns."

With the help of an experienced mobile app development, any business can get on the bandwagon and improve operations.