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Can your organization use a custom camera app?

Mar 07 2017

Curing Cancer

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been so true as it is today, with the advent of mobile picture-taking and instant sharing technologies. We all know there are countless business uses for capturing and sharing images, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to draw attention to image details using arrows, and adding annotations to enhance the viewer’s understanding of the image and its context? This is precisely where CollectivePoint’s custom mobile camera application comes in.

My company, CollectivePoint, has recently released our fourth custom camera application to one of our new clients. I would have never imagined how valuable a custom workflow and custom photo would aid in organization and feature richness of a product. Below are some of the specific uses of our custom mobile camera application:

  • Version 1 of our application provided the ability for various users to take multiple pictures from mobile devices, and instantly associate those pictures with an insurance claim, project ID, or other internal source documents. Once all the pictures are gathered, they can easily be sent to the back office for further review and collective archiving. We are already working on ways to improve the application with annotation and drawing, geo-tagging and map placement capabilities.
  • Similarly, another version of the mobile camera app we've built allows the user to take photos of property management violations and report attach them to a letter to be sent to the violator.
  • Yet another version to take photos of whiteboards and save them to a shared server, with future features to intelligently locate shapes and transfer them to a graphing software.
  • Still others include camera software for rugged tables with the capability to edit (crop, brightness, contrast), annotate (draw and write) and geo-tag to name a few. This app is a full featured photo application written to support several rugged hardware platforms.
  • All of these are great examples of photo apps being used in the workplace to enhance the sharing of information quickly and easily, without a lengthy written or verbal communication required. The benefits of its time-saving and ease of use are truly limitless, as are the possibilities for customization for your company’s specific needs/uses. I’d love to speak with you more about how our mobile camera application can streamline your business processes, increase productivity, improve communication of abstract or complex ideas, and maximize your company’s ROI.