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Meet our partner, the Catalyst Teen Center

Aug 03 2016

We love working with interns from the CTC program.
We love working with interns from the CTC program.
Like CollectivePoint, the Catalyst Teen Center (CTC) is all about making a difference in people's lives. That's why we are proud to partner with this great organization.

The CTC provides a challenging training ground for young leaders in the community, offering services and resources to help local youths put themselves in position to thrive in the future. We believe this is a great program and we are happy to help in any way we can. As a silver level partner, CollectivePoint has supported the CTC program for several months by providing free technical consultations. We also provide financial support and an internship program for CTC graduates, which allows them to develop their skills in our industry.

It's with great pride that we have seen CTC succeed in helping teens reach their potential. Most recently, the group traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, to attend the One Thing Conference.

Steven Wyman, a Catalyst Graduate and CollectivePoint intern, recently spoke about his experience here.

"From the minute you walk into CollectivePoint, you get the sense that they are relaxed and at the same time, extremely professional," he said. "While the company itself is fairly new, everyone working there possesses years of experience. In all their interactions, they demonstrated professionalism and were always happy to explain every aspect of the development process. Getting the opportunity to intern at CollectivePoint was definitely the highlight of my summer."

Will the next great Austin web developer come from the CTC program? Perhaps. For now, we're happy to say our partnership has been successful thus far, and we have every reason to believe that success will continue in the future.