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Examining the mobile business landscape

Aug 03 2016

Mobile devices are playing a larger role in the business field.
Mobile devices are playing a larger role in the business field.
Good Technology recently released its "Mobility Index Report Q4 2013." This study is a collection of data from the organization's more than 5,000 customers, which are spread across multiple sectors, including commercial banking, insurance, health care, retail, government, manufacturing and aerospace and defense.

In the report, the organization examined the type of devices that their customers are using and which platforms are preferred for mobile application development. The results may be surprising to anyone who still doubts Apple's relevance in the business sphere.

When it comes to the mobile deployment, Apple's iOS, which powers both the iPhone and iPad, was far and away the favorite, representing 73 percent of all device activation in the fourth quarter of 2013. That is an increase of 1 percent from the quarter before and 6 percent from second quarter. Android came in second with 26 percent, while the final percentage point was split between various other platforms including the Windows Phone.

The numbers for which mobile devices are being used indicated that smartphones remain more popular than tablets with business users. iPhones accounted for 54 percent of all devices activated by the companies represented in the survey. Android smartphones were next with 24 percent, while iPads represented 19 percent of activations and Android tablets accounted for two percent.

Looking beyond business users to consider the market as a whole, an IDC study found that 81 percent of mobile devices use the Android platform, compared to 12.9 using iOS, 3.6 percent using Windows and 1.7 percent using the BlackBerry.

It's clear that mobile devices will play a major role in the future of corporate operations, but many companies will need the help of an experienced mobile app developer to create the prefect program for their business.