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Microsoft Office for iPad downloaded 12 million times in first week

Aug 03 2016

Microsoft Office was downloaded 12 million times in the first week it was available.
Microsoft Office was downloaded 12 million times in the first week it was available.
For some companies, the right mobile application can become major business, even if it takes some time to get to market. For evidence of this, look no further than the last few weeks for Microsoft.

On March 27, the company announced that it had finally created and released Microsoft Office for the iPad. Three separate applications were available - Word, Excel and PowerPoint - for free. The app version was immediately at the top of the download charts. However, this version only allows users read and present. They will need an Office 365 subscription to have the ability to write and edit. This put the apps on the "Top Grossing" list for a short period right after being unveiled.

Now, according to an article from Digital Trends, in just the first week of being available, the application has surpassed 12 million downloads.

"It would've been interesting to know the download figures for each app, but Microsoft declined to give such information in its tweet," the article reads. "However, looking at their positioning in the U.S. app store, we see Word for iPad leading the pack, with Excel in second, and PowerPoint third. Microsoft's 'digital notebook,' OneNote, is a little behind, in seventh spot."

This was a series of applications that has been in demand since 2010 when the iPad was released. That demand was proven valid with how popular these programs have been since being released.

While very few companies have this kind of built in demand, this does show how popular the mobile platform is. With the help of a mobile application developer, any organization will be able to jump into this marketplace.